I wanna be your Joey Ramone

This class is going to have sign language interpreters, and I’m super stoked about it.

I think I hurt my back bowling. What an unsexy injury.

I give you a trip anywhere in this Galaxy, where do you go?

Do I get a Ship of the Imagination a la NDT in COSMOS? If so, I’d like to go to the Jovian moon, Europa. It has an ice surface, and is thought to have a liquid water ocean beneath said surface. And water means the potential for life. Can you imagine?! Right here in our own solar system. It’d certainly be worth exploring.

Thanks for the question. :)

rocksymom replied to your post:

I have the stuff!!! I will take you!!!

Can we please?! Fuh ril tho.

What scares you ?

Fucking up my kid. Probably my biggest fear.

It used to be being alone. But I was alone for a good, long time, and while I don’t want to go back to it, I’m no longer afraid. And I’m not afraid I’ll always be alone. I’m worthy of love and appreciation, and I know someone will do both.

Have you ever punched someone in the face?

Never. I’ve never really been in a fight. I hope to maintain this forever.

I know I've been slightly (ok REALLY) obsessed with your pet tarantula Rose ever since you got her, but you are choosing to voluntarily live with my biggest phobia. Do any of your daughter's friends' parents express concern about their child being around a tarantula? Even though Rose is truly a sweetheart, I'm sure. :)

Rose *IS* truly a sweetheart! And she’s very shy. And for the most part, tarantulas are pretty docile. She stays in her terrarium basically all the time. I’ll need to get her out soon to clean it out and put new stuff down for her, but I’m not worried. LM loves her, too, and I’ve not heard anything from any parents about our spider.

I would never, ever let LM take Rose out of her terrarium or even open it when another kid was here. Mostly, out of concern for Rose.

I think LM doesn’t really mention it much to other kids. It’s not weird to us, so we kind of don’t think about the fact that maybe someone else would freak out about it. If we hear anything from another parent, I’ll let you know if they flip out. :)

If you're camping somewhere....what kind of style you going in? What you bringing? Where you going? Who with? How long? What do you hate? Love? Wanna try?

I’ve only been camping a few times in my whole life, and it’s always been with people who knew a hell of a lot more about it than I. I have absolutely no idea what I’d want to bring or even where I’d want to go. Somewhere not desert-y, I guess. Somewhere where it rains. Somewhere I could see the stars.

This is actually something I’d like to become more knowledgable about. I am almost completely ignorant, and that bugs me. I don’t really know how one learns to camp and what all without just going and trying and being miserable and learning from your mistakes. That sounds unappealing. Also, potentially dangerous.

Are there camping classes? Serious question. Asking for a friend. (Me)

Is there a special significance with the rose motif? The tattoo, the tarantula...?

There’s isn’t any significance, really. The tattoo on my chest is just a pretty tattoo (that needs touched up pretty badly). I suppose it never really occurred to me, but I have 4 more roses on my half sleeve. They’re just pretty flowers to me. I think they’re classically feminine, and I kinda dig the dichotomy of that feminine, delicate seeming flower being largely and boldly tattooed on my skin.

The tarantula came to me named. Tara (notwhatlhadinmind) used her in a short film she was assisting with (right?) and when they were done with the spider she needed a home. So I gave her one. She’s a Chilean Rose tarantula, and Rose is the name Tara gave her. It worked for me. She’s sweet, but her name has no real significance.

Thank you for the question! :)

Would you/have you have/had a peanut butter and pickle sandwich? Whatcha think? Any other weird food combos you secret like or used to like?

I think a peanut butter pickle sandwich sounds pretty bad, and yet, I’m intrigued. I’d try it, though I have the feeling I wouldn’t make it through the whole sandwich.

I can’t really think of any weird food combos off the top of my head. Even when I was pregnant, the only thing out of the ordinary (for me) that I craved was steak. I had two during my early pregnancy (not at the same time), then went veg half way through.

I’m a big fan of Korean snack foods. They’re not so much weird if you’re from Korea (or surrounding areas, perhaps?) but I get odd looks from folks when I bust out the shrimp chips.

I grew up eating cottage cheese and salsa together with chips. That may not be weird. I don’t know. My mom always ate it, and I love it.

Thank you for the question! :)

I’m uninspired.

Anything you wanna know? Ask me, I won’t say no, how could I?

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Don’t you wish your girlfriend was easy to please like me?

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was easy to please like me?



I did NOT expect to utterly fall in love with Groot. But I so completely did.

This movie made me so fucking happy.

That first comment: same, same, same.

IT selfie. Like I do.

IT selfie. Like I do.