I wanna be your Joey Ramone



Anyone who gives you shit for being human, can piss off. I've cheated. A lot of people have cheated. For whatever reason you did it, it doesn't make you a bad person. Not at all. You're human. Human beings are flawed.

I agree, but I also know that sentiment can put me in a vulnerable spot. People like to feel better than others, and for those who’ve never cheated, I think it’s an easy target. Thank you for your kind message.

Your teeth don't really look very sharp at all. -anon


(I laughed maybe way too hard at this. Also, I know I’m cheating. Hush!)

*whispering* Hey.



I wanna talk about stuff, but I think it’s still too soon. But then why do I even care? I don’t. I’m just still afraid to jinx myself. Still! That’s dumb. I’m dumb.



millerflintstone replied to your post: “I like you. I want to rub my face on your face.”:

I swear, one of my cats must know how to type, unbeknownst to me. This sounds like something either of them would say.

Bahahaha! This is seriously what a cat would say.

Ok, what led you to cheat on your exes? And how did you get caught or did you get caught? Signed, anon;) sorry, I can't do anon. It seems wrong.

In a word, unhappiness. I knew the relationships were over, but for various reasons we were still together, if in name only.

With my first husband I had an actual affair. I was not caught, I told him.

With my second, I just drunkenly made out with some guy. I was never caught, though he suspected. I denied it.

I didn’t take my first marriage very seriously. I entered into it because of fear of being alone. I was just 2 days passed 22. Seems ludicrous now, but I thought I’d be alone forever, and if this guy wanted to marry me, I should do it. I knew it was stupid when I said yes and felt slightly sick to my stomach after the judge said we were now man and wife.

My second marriage (LOLSOB) I did take seriously, even though he was far crueler than anyone I’d ever known. I don’t have an excuse. I was just miserable and lonely and drunk.

I’m always wary of talking about this because I never fail to get the ‘you’re a horrible human being/rotten slut’ kinds of comments with a rash of unfollowings. And as I’ve said before, I’m not proud of it, but I also don’t think it makes me a horrible person, and I won’t lie about it or hide it.

Babette, I really wanted to meet you. Now that you have a bf, I don't think we will ever meet now. :(


I like you. I want to rub my face on your face.


You're too fucking cool for words.


I wanna play the the anon game!

Send me stuff to which I cannot respond! The worser the better.






this is EXACTLY what having a cat is like

The whisper killed me.

Tuesday, AKA:

Shit, meet fan.